"You're standing too close
to the ball after you hit it"

~ Randi Neumeyer


The Neumy History

Every year since 2002 a group of people get together to golf, eat, have a couple of drinks, raise money for HospiceCare and celebrate the lives of two great friends..Randi Neumeyer and Paul Petersen. Hereís a little history on The Neumy.

The first Neumy Golf Outing was played at Stoughton Country Club on October 11th 2002. Even though he was weakened by the therapies used to fight the aggressive cancer, Randi was able to attend the inaugural event. While Randi didnít golf at the outing he was there to greet his friends and family with his infectious smile. Not too long after the golf outing, on November 7th 2002, Randi passed away. This first Neumy Golf Outing was organized to raise money for Randi and his family to assist them during Randiís battle with cancer. After the outing, in true Neumeyer fashion Diane requested that the money raised, go to HospiceCare in honor of their amazing compassionate care for Randi and his family and friends during the final days of Randiís life. The organizers of the event, consisting of friends and family quickly agreed that the money raised would be donated to HospiceCare.

On January 12th 2004 another great friend, Paul Petersen, passed away. Paul was diagnosed with lung cancer one month after Randi. Paul was a great friend to Randi and many of the folks involved with The Neumy. As a matter of fact Paul organized the first Neumy. It was only fitting to honor and celebrate Paulís life along with Randiís during future benefits.

The Neumy Golf Outing stayed at Stoughton Country Club until 2005 when two days before the event, a tornado ripped through the Stoughton area, destroying the country clubs clubhouse and tearing up the course. Through some quick thinking and miraculous communications the outing was quickly moved to Coachmans Golf Resort in Edgerton, WI. Even with the sudden change of venues the turnout was amazing and the event went off without any major hitches. In 2005, Olympic Gold Medalist Casey FitzRandoph joined the Neumy Benefit as our embassador and has been with the Neumy ever since. Casey along with his dad, Jeff and fellow Olympian Marc Pelchat have been coming to The Neumy Outing since 2005 and are considered a major reason for The Neumyís success.

The following year, in 2006, The Neumy Outing was on the move again. In search of a course that would allow for a shotgun start to handle our growing number of golfers, The Neumy settled in at Lake Windsor Golf Club in Lake Winsor, WI. The staff at Lake Windsor Golf Club has been a wonderful match for The Neumy Outing and the outing has been there ever since. The staff, course, food and service have been as wonderful as they could possibly be.

In 2007 The Neumy Outing officially became ďThe Neumy BenefitĒ and also became a non-profit organization under the 501 (c) 3 code. In 2009 The Neumy Benefit learned that it is the 3rd largest fund raising event for HospiceCare behind two other events that unlike The Neumy have major company sponsors. The Neumy Benefit is also the 2nd longest running event benefiting HospiceCare. While The Neumy wasnít organized to achieve these milestones, itís nice to know how much of an effect the friends and family of Randi and Paul have been able to have on HospiceCare.


Neumy Benefit Inc. is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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